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Friday, October 9, 2015

Staying True to Yourself!

 I want to share something with you that's been on mind for quite awhile. I'm only sharing this with you because I want to encourage those that are having a hard time believing in themselves and their purpose on this planet. I don't need any sympathy for this situation because I have already reconciled it in my heart and mind and I have forgiven those people who I felt attacked by. I am strong and Creator has shown me my path!

A couple of years ago a well known flute player and his other half who will will remain un-named, wrote me a private message in my inbox. They posed the question: "Why in the world would you think of playing the flute, why don't you stick to singing since that's what you're good at?" Needless to say, that question put me in a dark place for quite awhile. It caused me to question myself, I felt like crawling into a hole away from the world. those were cruel words coming from someone I thought was a friend. That's how fragile I was at that time in my life. I mean sure, there aren't that many women flute players and of course in some tribes it's taboo for a woman to play flute but I have felt a definite calling to play this beautiful instrument and also received great blessing from my family to do so.

I want to thank those people that I like to call "porcupine people" These are the kinds of people that are usually fragile and insecure within themselves and they always have to put that jab in, they like to make others around them seem insignificant in order to feel good about themselves, etc.They are jealous, intimidated and unable to rejoice with someone else who may be moving into a better place in their life or career. They are difficult to get too close too because just maybe you might shine a little brighter.

I would like to offer a few words of encouragement and hope to those that are struggling to stay committed to their dreams and goals, and to those that are getting weary from so many years of struggle but you know giving up is not the answer. I promise you there is a plan in it all, there is such a thing as destiny and what you have to offer this world is deeply important and meaningful. I may not be the top expert in flute playing but when I play I play from my heart and that means something. Not only to my spirit but those that are willing to listen. What ever it is that you dream of being or doing you are the only person in this whole world that can decide if you're going forward or backward. No one else can determine your worth or your success. I have learned to have a tough skin now and it has helped me immensely to face tough challenges such as the confrontation of these people and believe me there have been others besides them.You have nothing to fear, fear is such a debilitating enemy. I want to encourage you to believe in yourself, love and respect yourself. You must believe your place in this world is important and vital. You have something beautiful to offer and the world needs to hear from you! Be a promoter of peace and encourage your loved ones and neighbors around you. You will be blessed by what you give out, we all need each other. I wish you love, many good blessings, success and enlightenment on your journey!

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