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Friday, July 8, 2016

For Immediate Release



Native American Music Award Winner Releases Sensational 2015 Album
Albuquerque, NM (November 10, 2015) - Native American singer/songwriter and winner of the Native American Record of the Year 2011 out of New York State, Shelley Morningsong, has released her long-awaited album “Love Medicine”.

The album features eleven enriching songs that take listeners on a journey of nostalgic melodies. The title track “Your Love, My Medicine (the remix)” was written by Morningsong and is dedicated to her husband. The first song on the album “We Didn't Ask Why” is currently ranked number 1 on the Reverbnation's Albuquerque Indie Charts. This brand new album for 2015 is expected to be another resounding success.

Fans will not be disappointed with “Love Medicine” and as always, the lyrics are tight and indicative of Shelley's prolific song writing skills. It's a great new album with a fantastic vibe!
Love Medicine was recorded and produced by good friend and musician/producer, Shane McConnell, of Rock Shack Music ( The album is the perfect remedy for those who want to experience the tranquillity and inspiration that resonates from the music and Shelley's rich, alluring alto voice.

Shelley is excited about the launch of this new album. When asked about the inspiration behind Love Medicine, she said: "This album was inspired by the love I have for my husband and my culture, and I love Rock and Roll! She further added, "The first song on the album, We Didn't Ask Why, is a combination of storytelling with a Rock feel to it.
Shelley's husband, Fabian Fontenelle is a very important element of her performances. As Shelley sings, Fabian enchants the audiences with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and skilful drumming.

The duo is committed to delivering a performance that touches the audience to the core. One attendee of one of their concerts said: "The show was phenomenal. It just touched me deeply. It was a blending of old traditional and the modern and they do it beautifully. I guess what I am going to take with me is the peacefulness that came from it. My heart was ignited and I want to see them again!"

Shelley and Fabian have a number of shows lined up for 2015. They will be performing for audiences during 2015 in Colorado, Florida, Belarus in Russia, Germany and their home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico to name a few. For tour dates, visit:

Since 2006 Shelley has recorded 4 ground breaking albums starting with Out of the Ashes (New Mexico Native Contemporary Music Award) Heart Songs of the Native American Flute and Full Circle (Record of the Year, NAMMA) all recorded and produced by Grammy Award winning producer/musician Larry Mitchell ( Her latest release Love Medicine is available on CD and MP3 formats and can be purchased on the artist's website at:

Media Contact: Shelley Morningsong


Monday, May 23, 2016

The Story behind Crazy Johnny ...

I wrote a song called "Crazy Johnny" for my album called Full Circle. I'm so honored to have won the Native American Music Award for Record of the Year in 2011 with this recording! So many people have asked me about the song "Crazy Johnny" and if there's a meaning there? Is it a true story? and who's Crazy Johnny? I realize now I need to tell this story, it's important but it is sad.

I sat down in early 2011 to write a song about our Nephew, Troy Fontenelle Sr. who had passed away just a couple years before hand. Troy was such a loving soul, a guy who really loved his three children, loved his Mother. He loved to dedicate Tupac's song "Dear Mama" to his Mother, our Sister, Antoinette. It would always bring tears to my eyes because I understood the struggle of his childhood and how much Troy loved his Mama. He was generous and kind, he would have given the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He was funny, a real clown! He loved music too. There was one problem, one very serious and sad problem; Troy was an alcoholic. Troy was a serious drinker on a mission to destroy himself.

When Troy drank he could be so hilarious, really make us laugh with his craziness. One time I made green chili corn bread. The chili I used was so hot it was ridiculous! No one could eat it, it was just too hot! In the middle of dinner Troy came home drunk, as usual. He sat down and helped himself to some of my dangerous green chili corn bread. He took a few big bites and started sweating profusely! Then he proclaimed "Hey! it's hot in here and I'm not even eating any chili" ...Of course we all just giggled and started cracking up. He was a hoot! but it was sad, sad to the core of my soul to watch and know he was slowly ending his own life with his drinking. He just couldn't put down the bottle, not for the sake of his children, his family or himself. Not for the love of his ancestors, not for the sake of tradition, spritituality, not nothin.

As the years went by Troy became violent at times when he was drunk, so violent he hurt his children, his Mother, his friends, himself. For that I know when he was sober, he suffered the worst heartfelt guilt. His heart was so good but things got distorted and ruined with the booze.

Towards the end of his life he could no longer hold a job, didn't come home at times. We all worried so much about him especially his children and his Mother. He had his hang out spots along the train tracks, dark alleys, motels, but you couldn't always count on him being in those places. He would pass out in dangerous places where homeless men and women would pick his pockets and steal his belongings. It was becoming a tragic nightmare. Then one night we got the call, the call we had all dreaded to hear. His youngest boy called us to say his Dad was dead. Troy's children found him dead, slung over a culvert just down the street from their home in Albuquerque.

The children found him and they were all holding him waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Then it started to rain, it rained so hard you'd think all of heaven was grieving, it was a total down pour. The children held him in the pouring rain and they waited and they cried.

Throughout the song "Crazy Johnny" I sing "let the tears fall like rain". That pertains to the rain coming down as the children waited for the ambulance. When I reference him howling like a Coyote that's because he was part of the Coyote Clan in Zuni Pueblo, his home born and raised. When I sing "I heard a rumour you were in Arizona" that's because it's the Zuni belief that when one of their people pass away they go to the Zuni heavens which is located in an area just over the New Mexico border into Arizona.

We will never forget our beloved Troy, we still talk about him and share stories and memories. Since Troy's death we have been witness to many deaths from alcoholism. It breaks the heart over and over again to see such good people go down in such a senseless way. If anyone reading this has a problem with alcohol, I beg of you, get help. Save your own life today, it's not too late. There is help and love for you dear soul.

Here's one last thing I want to share with you about the song. After I was finished writing the song "Crazy Johnny" I asked my husband to read it. I told him it was about Troy. He looked at me in utter shock and proceeded to tell me that "Johnny" was Troys nick name when he was growing up. I seriously had no idea! That's when I knew without a doubt that the song was truly meant for our Troy, our "Crazy Johnny" <3

Friday, October 9, 2015

Staying True to Yourself!

 I want to share something with you that's been on mind for quite awhile. I'm only sharing this with you because I want to encourage those that are having a hard time believing in themselves and their purpose on this planet. I don't need any sympathy for this situation because I have already reconciled it in my heart and mind and I have forgiven those people who I felt attacked by. I am strong and Creator has shown me my path!

A couple of years ago a well known flute player and his other half who will will remain un-named, wrote me a private message in my inbox. They posed the question: "Why in the world would you think of playing the flute, why don't you stick to singing since that's what you're good at?" Needless to say, that question put me in a dark place for quite awhile. It caused me to question myself, I felt like crawling into a hole away from the world. those were cruel words coming from someone I thought was a friend. That's how fragile I was at that time in my life. I mean sure, there aren't that many women flute players and of course in some tribes it's taboo for a woman to play flute but I have felt a definite calling to play this beautiful instrument and also received great blessing from my family to do so.

I want to thank those people that I like to call "porcupine people" These are the kinds of people that are usually fragile and insecure within themselves and they always have to put that jab in, they like to make others around them seem insignificant in order to feel good about themselves, etc.They are jealous, intimidated and unable to rejoice with someone else who may be moving into a better place in their life or career. They are difficult to get too close too because just maybe you might shine a little brighter.

I would like to offer a few words of encouragement and hope to those that are struggling to stay committed to their dreams and goals, and to those that are getting weary from so many years of struggle but you know giving up is not the answer. I promise you there is a plan in it all, there is such a thing as destiny and what you have to offer this world is deeply important and meaningful. I may not be the top expert in flute playing but when I play I play from my heart and that means something. Not only to my spirit but those that are willing to listen. What ever it is that you dream of being or doing you are the only person in this whole world that can decide if you're going forward or backward. No one else can determine your worth or your success. I have learned to have a tough skin now and it has helped me immensely to face tough challenges such as the confrontation of these people and believe me there have been others besides them.You have nothing to fear, fear is such a debilitating enemy. I want to encourage you to believe in yourself, love and respect yourself. You must believe your place in this world is important and vital. You have something beautiful to offer and the world needs to hear from you! Be a promoter of peace and encourage your loved ones and neighbors around you. You will be blessed by what you give out, we all need each other. I wish you love, many good blessings, success and enlightenment on your journey!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A moment of deep thought ...

Winter is most clearly here now. My muscles and bones have been at me lately, giving me grief and asking “where's that warm sunshine we love so much?” For me, it's usually the winter season with all it's chilly morning's, crisp air and quiet nights that compel me to think more deeply and reflect on my life and things that truly matter. Getting ready to put another year behind and start over once again with new resolutions, new hopes and dreams.

I woke up this morning, 6am, and decided to throw on my Playing for Change hoody which I treasure. A well worn hoody at that, full of holes and well used, I pull the hood up over my head and walk outside in the 22 degree coldness. With a steamy cup of espresso in tow I stare up at the great hills of the Sandia mountains. My hands trying to keep warm from the heat of my cup. The smoke rises from our chimney like prayers going up into the air. That sacred smell of cedar and pine that somehow makes your soul feel at home sweet home. Fabian worked so hard yesterday to chop wood for us so we won't freeze our asses off. (laugh out loud) I am thankful for the blessing of a wood stove, a few good pieces of wood and a loving man. It's the small and simple things sometimes that make life so beautiful.

I feel so much gratitude for this life that Fabian and I have found together. The memories for me personally before I met Fabian are filled with bitter sweet memories of painful moments and joyful victories all mixed in together like a flaming marshmallow. The most joyous memories I have and hold dear to my heart are of my children. Those precious lives who to this day put a big smile on my heart and will forever more.

When I think of all that Fabian and I have been through before we met and now together for the past fifteen years it never ceases to amaze me. Our great Creator weaves His incredibly wondrous plan into our existence like a mad scientist, a fitful painter and a loving parent. Life seems to go between complete madness to a grand orchestra. I have walked a rough and difficult road throughout my life. I was a rebellious and determined soul wavering between what I thought was right and blind ambition. I'm always thankful for the love and patience of my Mother. I know I drove her half crazy. I've always been a tomboy and a insane chance taker. I am thankful for the mighty force who made us to the watching ancestors who can lovingly smile and direct us like a toddler learning to walk, in all our foolishness to a better, healthier place in spite of ourselves. Of course, it helps a lot if our hearts are open to change, open to wisdom and those things we call ears can listen to people who truly care about us. I have tried to embrace every moment with an open heart, hoping to find sense and lessons in each day.

I'm still standing out here, starting to feel the cold at my feet. Doesn't help that I'm only wearing my slippers. I think my slippers were mad at me because they were thrown at the back of the closet for a long hot summer. Anyone that knows me also knows that when I'm home the shoe's actually fly right off of my feet. I can't stand to wear shoes but of course I can't go barefoot all around town and especially in winter. So, the slippers are a good stand by for going outside in the cold winter morning when we're home. The slippers seem to have forgiven me as they are warming up pretty good now.

I wake up each morning with a different frame of mind these days, the god of age is whispering. I'm trying to figure out if this just sucks and be mad about it or how to gracefully embrace it. I know now that no matter how many expensive creams I purchase, magic anti-aging pills I take it will not stop the aging process. Rats!! In the depth of my heart I know I must accept what is destiny and will enjoy my later days with grace. In my mind I'm looking back down that road to the past and I can see growth and change, wisdom is seeping into my bones.

So, I am looking up at this massive, gentle, beautiful mountain in front of me and I'm comparing it to my life. To me it represents all the struggles and the joys of my life. I am heading to the top of the mountain in my mind and in my heart.. as I attempt to reach the heights I look for the blessings of the journey, the rewards for all the wicked sufferings that have weighted my feet down as I've traveled but that have given me valuable insights.

Stay strong on your journey, I wish you love, warmth and introspective moments throughout this winter season. May it lead you to a beautiful Spring with more growth and wisdom for the days ahead. I pray all your lessons lead you to a bountiful harvest of the heart, soul and mind.

I'm heading inside now, pumpkin pancakes sound good right about now.



Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free Song Download!

As many of you know I wrote a song for my sweetheart Fabian called "Your Love, My Medicine". On our new album called Full Circle I recorded a re-mix of Your Love, My Medicine with our dear Brother and new producer Shane McConnell and I love the way it turned out. this is a very special song, close to my heart. I'm offering this song as a free download to anyone who would like to sign up for our mailing list!

Free Download of "Your Love, My Medicine (the remix) when you sign up for our mailing list at:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No matter the color of my skin, I walk unashamed, but I walk in two worlds …

Have you ever felt as if you’ve walked in two worlds? For many it could mean the difference of going between work and home each day. Leaving the business of the office behind to find the comfort and sanctity of ones own home after a long day. Home can be the place where your soul finds comfort from the weary world outside.

I walk in two worlds with each beat of my heart; the very blood within me carries the history of two great nations, the Northern Cheyenne of Montana and the Dutch people of the Netherlands.
The Cheyenne, Tsitsistas; meaning the beautiful people, were the buffalo hunters of the Great Plains. We were celebrated for our fearless warriors, and an ordered government. The ancestors lived in harmony with each other, the Cheyenne women were virtuous and the children were treasured by all.
They respected Mother Earth from days of old and remain spiritually connected to her today. The people give thanks to Ma‘heo’o, the Creator of all things. We were also taught to preserve and protect the sacred places including the holy mountain of Bear Butte.
Our skin is the color of red earth and when we set our feet upon the dirt we are reminded of the place from whence we first came.
The Spanish who came to this land of ours in the early 1500’s tried to impose the religion of Christianity and Catholicism on the Cheyenne among other tribes as well. The invaders did not understand us or our love for the land and Ma‘heo’o, the Great Spirit whom we served. They called us heathens and tried to strip us completely of the life we had known and loved.
Today, the Cheyenne are many in numbers and we continue to hold onto oral tradition and to our homelands. Our oppressors could not take away our pride, religion and language as they had hoped. We are proud of our resistance but strive to live in harmony with all people.

The Dutch are the people of Holland, the Netherlands. The word “Holland” means “Woodland” in the Old Dutch (diets) language. There are some theories that it is a Viking name. The Vikings often visited this part of Europe until the 10th century.
The ancestors built strongholds around their cities to prevent the invasion of strange nobles and armies from coming in. They tried to protect themselves but Julius Caesar conquered present-day Netherlands in the first century. Roman settlements were built in Utrecht and Maastricht in 48 AD and 50 AD respectively. With the decline of the Roman Empire, the control of the country passed to the Franks. Later it became part of the Holy Roman Empire.
These, the Dutch are a resourceful people. They are surrounded by the beautiful North Sea and fishing is a traditional industry. The ocean and also farming provide an abundance and variety of delicious foods. As a low-lying country the Netherlands has engaged in a long history of struggle against the sea. Windmills, Hydraulic engineering, have played a huge part in protection against flooding and reclamation of land. The houses are constructed on concrete pontoons and anchored to the land. As half of the country's land is below sea-level, with some areas prone to flooding, this has provided a solution for the provision of living space.
Despite the many challenges my relatives have faced throughout time, they remain strong and proud. Their oppressors were many but today they continue to sing their customary songs and dancing plays a big part in their lives. They love to cook traditional dishes and their love for growing flowers is ever constant. The Dutch are known for their flowers and thousands of visitors flock to see them. The Netherlands produce 60 percent of the worlds commercially grown flowers.

So you see, I walk in two worlds. With pride, I walk unashamed, for the Creators plan is set in motion when we fulfill our purpose for living. I remember that two halves make a whole so the Dutch and the Cheyenne can live together in complete wholeness inside of me.

I’m still discovering and finding my place in this world and I hope to be a guiding light to those who seek healing that they might find their destiny. I know that people are just people and I’ve learned that no matter where we come from, that we all suffer comparable trials, sorrows and celebrate similar victories and joys in our lives. No matter the color of our skin,  life's mirror reminds us that we are more than just flesh and bone but soul and spirit.

We all walk in two worlds in some way or another and life can be beautiful when we love ourselves and our neighbor with no conditions or prejudice.

I Walk in Two Worlds
How can I tell you what my heart contains?
Only those who walk this path know the pain
When I look in the mirror it’s clear what I see
Flesh and bone, a human being

I walk in two worlds,
I’ve been hurt by both.
And I’ve learned that people are just people
No matter the color of their skin.

There’s only One who can say what I’m worth
He is the one who destined my birth
So don’t try and judge what you don’t understand
I’m proud of my blood and know who I am

I walk in two worlds,
I’ve been hurt by both.
And I’ve learned that people are just people
No matter the color of their skin.
I walk unashamed, but I walk in two worlds.

How can I tell you what my heart contains?
Only those who walk this path know the pain
When I look in the mirror it’s clear what I see
Flesh and bone, a human being.

Written by Shelley Morningsong ©